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The Parcel Fabric

   KCS specializes in converting existing parcel data into the Fabric.  The Parcel Fabric by esri will help you efficiently manage your parcel databases while at the same time helping improve the spatial integrity of your database, all through a data model designed specifically for managing parcels. The parcel maintenance solution is part of a bigger land records and local government solution that helps you not only implement efficient editing workflows but also produce great web maps and incorporate best practices from the land records industry at large.

The Parcel Fabric has three components:

  1. The Fabric Itself - This dataset manages the spatial and topological relationships inherent in parcel point, line, and polygon data.
  2. Parcel Editor Toolbar – This toolbar is included at Desktop Standard and Advanced.  This toolbar contains the tools needed to perform the daily set of splits, combines, and so on, you need to do with your parcel data in a streamlined set of workflows.
  3. Tax Parcel Editing Template - This template supports local government workflows and provides a multiscale editing map that organizes the survey framework, subdivisions, lots, tax parcels, and encumbrances in a fabric data model that can be used with the Parcel Editor Toolbar.