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Never Worry About Backing
Up Critical Data Again

        RouteSafe service from Keet Consulting Services, LLC will take the backup burden off your shoulders!  With RouteSafe, each night your critical RouteMan and other critical data (that you indentify) will be copied to the KCS secure webserver via the Internet.  Once each week, a copy of the data is moved to a bank vault.  You do not have to do anything, it happens automatically.
        Computer hardware failures are a fact of life.  Several of our customers have experienced them over the past year.  When your computer crashes, your first thought should not be, "I haven't backed up in weeks!!"  It should be, "I'm safe; I have a backup with RouteSafe!!"
Should there be a need to restore the data, KCS will restore the data from the last backup to the new hardware.  There is no additional charge for the restoration of your critical data and no time will be charged against your RouteMan Support Service Agreement.