The Internet Spatial Viewer (ISV) is the most cost-effective solution for internet delivery of your organization’s data (i.e., Geographic Information System (GIS)).  The ISV is a hosted application service that provides an organization with an easily accessible, secure GIS data viewing environment with maps being delivered over the internet in a user friendly manner.  Subscribing to the ISV service expands your information technology team by outsourcing GIS web development, data updating and storage, systems monitoring and application management at a fraction of the cost compared to developing it in-house.

GIS Applications

... a Spatial Solutions Company

    Keet Consulting Services, LLC has extensive custom programming and COTS applications expertise.   Ranging from simple desktop applications to high end web design, KCS has the experience, personnel, and know how to assist in any customization work required for GIS.  Below are just a few of the applications that KCS has designed, built, and implemented for customers.

Document Management System (DMS) is a stand-alone application that is designed to provide a concise method for viewing pictures and files associated with data.  DMS allows for any file format to be added to the data's documents archive.  it uses a unique ID to store the files in SQL Server, Access, or in a window's file structure.  DMS easily imports files such a descriptive documents, digital pictures from field, building drawings, etc...   DMS also has a mobile component that operates on Android devices for mobile collections that syncs collected documents effortlessly to the main DMS database.

       GAMA is a GIS extension built on esri technology.  It has been designed to facilitate the appraisal work of an organization through a spatial environment.   This addin utilizes geographic and tabular data to produce thematic layers for a variety of appraisal needs.   GAMA is designed to work with basic, standard, & advanced desktop; therefore, the user has the ability to make use of powerful functionality presently available in the esri product line.